Snow World Ahmedabad Ticket Price, Address, Timings, Best Photos & Location with 10 FAQs

Snow World Ahmedabad , located in Ahmedabad, is a well known tourist attraction that offers a unique experience of snow and ice. In this article, we will explore the Snow World Ahmedabad Ticket Price, Timing, Online Booking details and providing you all the necessary information to plan your visit Snow World Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad Snow World is an indoor snow amusement park. It is also known as Iceberg Snow World Ahmedabad that carries the magic of winter to the bustling city of Noida. The recreation area offers a scope of snow and ice-related exercises and attractions, making it an ideal objective for families, friends, and adventure enthusiasts.

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Snow World Ahmedabad, Snow World Ahmedabad Ticket Price

Summer vacations are on and the kids are at home. The temperature is rising fast and the scorching heat drains all your energy. If you are bored at home then you can go to Ahmedabad to experience the snow. Yes you heard right! Right in the heart of Ahmedabad lies an unexpected paradise which we know as Iceberg Snow World Ahmedabad. Truly, this is the best place to enjoy this summer.

This is the first snow park within Gujarat to be open 365 days a year. One of the major landmarks of the city, Iceberg Snow World is a fun place for kids and adults alike.

Overview of Snow World Ahmedabad Ticket Price

  • Snow Park Ahmedabad Address: Ahmedabad One Mall, 4th Floor, Near Vastrapur Lake, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad- 380054, India.
  • Type: Snow theme park, indoor attraction, Ice Games, Fun n Activity
  • Formerly Known as: Snow World India Amusement Park.
  • Origins: Snow World Noida is a part of the renowned Snow World brand that originated in Hyderabad, India.
  • Area: The snow theme park covers an area of approximately 15,000 square feet.
  • Snow World Timings Slots: 11:00 AM | 12:15 PM | 02:15 PM | 04:15 PM | 06:15 PM | 08:15 PM | 09:00 PM
  • Snow World Noida Timing: Open all 7 days of the week from 11 AM to 9 PM. (The last slot is at 9 PM)
  • Snow World Noida Ticket Price
    • Ticket Type Regular: Rs 600/- for all above 3 years (Includes all the activities, attractions and Outfit).
  • Session Timing:  45 Minutes
  • Total Duration: 1 Hour (Snow Room : 45 mins + Reception : 15 mins)
  • Best time to visit: The best months of visit snow world is May, June, July, August and September.
  • Photography: Photography is allowed inside Snow World Ahmedabad. Visitors are encouraged to capture their memories; however, the use of selfie sticks and tripods may have restrictions for safety reasons.
  • General Information of Snow World Ahmedabad:
    • -10° C temprature at Snow World
    • Snow World is open 365 days
    • One session for one hour
    • Snowfall in every session
    • Socks are necessary to wear
  • Parking: Snow World Ahmedabad provides parking facilities for visitors.
  • Facilities:
    • Snow World Ahmedabad offers a range of facilities, including:
    • Snow-themed activities and attractions
    • Snow slides, snow sculptures, and snow play areas
    • Warm clothing and boots rental
    • Cafeteria and refreshment options
  • Activities At Snow World Noida: Snow World Ahmedabad offers a range of features and attractions, including:
    • Natural Snow Fall
    • Ice Slide
    • Snow Play Area
    • Snow Sledging
    • Snow Boarding
    • Ice Skating

Snow World Ahmedabad Ticket Price

  • Ticket Type: Regular
  • Ticket Cost: 600/- (Including taxes)
  •  Total Duration: 45 Minute
  • Snow World Regular charges are Rs. 600/- per person for one hour that includes your gears like Jacket Shoes Gloves on rent and all activities are inclusive i.e. Snow Play, Snow Fall, Ice Skating, Snow Boarding, Snow Sledging, Ice Sliding, and many picture ops and attractions.
  • It includes all the Activities (Ice Skating, Snow Fall/Dance, Ski Boarding, Ice Sliding & Types of Sledding), Attractions (Snow Tunnel, Scenic Mountain, Wooden Hut, Roman Culture wall, Igloos & many more) and the Attire (Jackets, Hoods, Gloves and Snow Boots).

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Snow World Booking Online

To book tickets for Snow World Ahmedabad, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Official Website of Noida Snow World or a trusted ticketing platform.
  • Click On Book Now Button. You Can Book Ticket from Click Here.
  • Select the desired date and time of your visit.
  • Choose the ticket option that suits your preferences.
  • Enter the required details and complete the payment process.
  • After successful booking, you will receive a confirmation email or e-ticket.

Snow World Provides You with Group Booking Packages

  • Birthday Booking
  • School Booking
  • Corporate Events Booking

Snow World Ahmedabad Timings

Snow World Noida Open all 7 days of the week from 11 AM to 9 PM. There are 8 Sessions at Snow world Ahmedabad, Sessions Information are as follows:

Start TimeEnd Time
11:10 AM11:55 AM
12:15 PM1:00 PM
1:30 PM2:15 PM
3:00 PM3:45 PM
4:30 PM5:15 PM
6:00 PM6:45 PM
7:30 PM8:15 PM
9:00 PM9:45 PM

Snow World Ahmedabad Photos

Snow World Ahmedabad Activities

  • Natural Snow Fall: Imagine stepping into a reality where the enchanting beauty of snowflakes falling from the sky surrounds you. At Snow World, you can submerge yourself in the mesmerizing experience of natural snowfall, making a colder time of year wonderland that will leave you in awe.
  • Snow Play Area: A designated area where visitors can play with snow, make snowmen, and engage in snowball fights. Enjoying natural snow with family and friends can be amazing with snow ball wars in this area. Making various structures out of snow and showing off your skills.
  • Ice Slides: Amazing curves and slopes of 100 feet with the speeding rubber tube is one of the sensations of snow world. This gives you a feel of sliding through the slopes of icy mountain surrounded by a jungle.
  • Ice Skating: Pairs of blades beneath your feet to travel all over the rink. It Can be done for a variety of reasons, including exercise, leisure, traveling, and various sports. 
  • Snow Boarding: It is adventurous activities to chill out and jump around. This is the most common winter Olympic game, and we have brought this professional activity in snow world. Its a mix of skiing and boarding, the ski poles are used to maintain balance and right posture towards right direction. The best and new thing to try and learn.

Know Before You Go for Snow World Ahmedabad

  • Admission ticket permits admission for one individual and needs to be retained at the respective time slot.
  • Kindly report at Booking office 30 minutes prior to session starts to collect tickets.
  • Children’s below 2 years are exempted from ticket charges.
  • Children’s below 10 years and senior citizens need to be accompanied by guardian.
  • Total Duration: 1 Hour (Snow Room : 45 mins + Reception : 15 mins)
  • Parka Jackets, Gloves, Hood and Boots will be provided with each admission.
  • All accessories are not of accurate sizes and are subject to availability.
  • Tickets once purchased will not be RETURNED /CANCELLED/ REFUNDED back.
  • Eatables and beverages of any kind are not allowed into the snow area.
  • The following articles are strictly prohibited: Eatables (Including Gutkha, Pan-Masala, Chewing Gum, Chocolate, Chips), Knife, and Cigarette, Lighter, Match-Box, Firearms and all kind of inflammable objects.
  • Smoking is an offence & is strictly prohibited inside Snow World premises and will be fined according to Management’s discretion.
  • All images & terminology used in all communication is for creative, descriptive and representation purpose only.
  • Ticket package, rates and governing conditions are subject to change without notice.
  • Management reserves the right to cancel any session due to unforeseen circumstances. The Management shall not be liable for any losses/ damages arising with such suspension. No two offers can be clubbed together.
  • Any purposeful act to damage the environment, surrounding or assets will be fined according to Management’s discretion.
  • On the purchase of this ticket the holder confirms that he/she has read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions in the theme park and voluntarily assumes all the risks.
  • Booking on this website authorizes Snow World Mumbai to contact the customer, on the Phone Number provided, for any booking related communication.

Safety Rules for Snow World Ahmedabad

  • Snow is slippery in nature. So mind your footsteps.
  • Socks are mandatory. Carry along or purchase from a counter available inside Snow world reception.
  • For your safety and comfort, you are advised not to enter inside snow chamber in case of:
    • Pregnancy
    • Suffering from any medical problems related to heart, cold or allergy
    • Feeling sick
    • Suffering from any condition that could be aggravated by this experience. While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure your safety and comfort, the management won’t be liable for any injuries caused
  • Snow world Management / Company or its Employees will not be responsible for loss, theft or any damage of any of your valuables.
  • First Aid Service is available on request or emergency.
  • Rights of Admission are reserved by the Management of Snowworld.

How To Reach Snow World Ahmedabad

  • By Car: Take the nearest major road and head towards the Snow World Ahmedabad located in Ahmedabad One Mall, 4th Floor, Near Vastrapur Lake, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad- 380054, India.. Use a GPS navigation system for accurate directions.
  1. By Public Transportation: Board a bus or train to reach Ahmedabad city. From there, you can hire a taxi or use local transportation options like auto-rickshaws to reach Snow World Ahmedabad.
  • By Air: If you’re arriving by air, land at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad. From the airport, hire a taxi or use public transportation to reach Snow World Ahmedabad.


In conclusion, Snow World Ahmedabad is an exciting destination that offers a unique winter experience in the heart of Ahmedabad. With its snow-filled environment and a variety of fun activities, it provides a refreshing escape from the heat and a chance to enjoy a winter wonderland. Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply looking to have a great time with family and friends, Snow World Ahmedabad is a must-visit attraction that promises a memorable and enjoyable experience.

What is the entry fee for snow park Ahmedabad?

The Regular ticket price is Rs.600/- (Included Taxes) for total one hour duration which will include all activities.

How much is the ticket for Snow World in Ambience Mall?

The Regular ticket price is Rs.600/- (Included Taxes) for total one hour duration which will include all activities.

Is there time limit for Snow World Ahmedabad?

Session Information :
Start Time End Time
A. 11:10 AM – 11:55 AM
B. 12:15 PM – 1:00 PM
C. 1:30 PM – 2:15 PM
D. 3:00 PM – 3:45 PM
E. 4:30 PM – 5:15 PM
F. 6:00 PM – 6:45 PM
G. 7:30 PM – 8:15 PM
H. 9:00 PM – 9:45 PM

Is phone allowed in snow world?

No, Cameras/mobiles are not allowed inside snow City, however, the camera is allowed on payment of specified charges.

Are infants allowed in Snow World?

Yes Kids of all age group are allowed at Snow World. Kids till age 2 are free and above 2 years would be charged at an actual price.

How many hours we are allowed to stay inside the Park?

The total duration of per session is 1 hour which is bifurcated as
Snow Room : 45 mins + Reception : 15 mins

Are senior citizens allowed in Snow World? If yes, what would be their ticket price?

Yes definitely all age groups are allowed at Snow World, even senior citizens. And so the ticket price remains same for all.

Are Pregnant women’s allowed in Snow World?

Snow is slippery by nature. So we regret to inform you that we do not allow entry of Pregnant women’s at Snow World.

Can we carry our own pair of socks?

Socks are mandatory to stay in freezing temperature. So you can either carry a pair of socks along with you or can purchase from the socks unit we have it inside the Park.

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