Mayur Vihar Adventure Park Ticket Price, Timings, Best Photos, Location & Reviews 2023

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in my new blog. So today we will talk about Mayur Vihar Adventure Park Ticket Price, which we also know by the name of EOD Adventure Park / EOD Amusement Park. E-O-D Adventure Park is also known as “Every Other Day” enjoyment adventure park.

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Mayur Vihar Adventure Park Ticket Price

An exciting destination located on the outskirts of Delhi. The Mayur Vihar Adventure Park is spread over an area of 12 acres and is packed with thrilling activities that cater to thrill seekers of all ages. The EOD Adventure park is known for its zip line, high rope challenge, and paintball activities. It is a great place to spend a day out with family or friends and create unforgettable memories.

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If you are looking for an action packed day out, Mayur Vihar Adventure Park is definitely the place to be. The park has over 15 obstacle courses of varying difficulty levels, each one designed to keep you on your toes. Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or a first timer, there is something for everyone. are suspended high in the trees and made of ropes, wooden planks and other natural materials, creating a unique experience. You must navigate through stairs, traps, and bridges to complete each course.

Overview of Mayur Vihar Adventure Park Ticket Price

  • E-O-D Adventure Park Location: Gate No. 2 & 3, Chand Cinema Rd, Pocket D, Sanjay Lake, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110091, India | Location on Map
  • E-O-D Adventure Park Contact Information:
    • Mobile: +919910175472
    • Email:
  • Type: Adventure Park
  • Origins: E-O-D Adventure Park was established in 2016 as a thrilling outdoor recreational destination in Noida.
  • Area: The adventure park covers an area of 12 acres.
  • E-O-D Adventure Park Timings:
    • Summer timings – (15th April to 15th November) 
      • We open at 11 am and close at 8pm.
    • Winter timings  (16th November to 14th April) 
      • We open at 10 am and close at 8 pm.
  • E-O-D Adventure Park Ticket Price:
    • Adult Combo (Whose Height is more than 4 feet)-
      • Adventurer Combo @ Rs 200
      • Ultimate Combo @ Rs 400
      • Supreme Combo @ Rs 600
    • Kids Combo ( Kids Below 4 Feet)-
      • Full on Masti @ Rs 150
    • Annual Pass-
      • E-O-D Annual pass @ Rs 1500
      • Kids Annual Pass @ Rs 750
  • E-O-D Adventure Park Events & Groups:
    • Events Booking
    • School Bookings
    • Group Visit
  • Activity Duration: 8 hours
  • E-O-D Adventure Park Nearest Metro Station: You can get down at Mayur Vihar Phase 1 (Blue and Pink Line) or Trilokpuri – Sanjay Lake (Pink line). Both are around 1.5 km away and easily accessible via e-rickshaws.
  • Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Mayur Vihar Adventure Park in Delhi, India, is during the cooler months, from October to March.
  • Photography: Photography is allowed in designated areas of the park. However, restrictions may apply to certain activities for safety reasons.
  • E-O-D Parking Facilities: Yes, and it is free for our guests. Though we do have limited parking only.
  • E-O-D Adventure Park Reviews: My visit to E-O-D Mayur Vihar Adventure Park was a flat out impact! The mix of exciting undertakings, grand environmental elements, and a pledge to somewhere safe and secure made it a remarkable encounter. Whether you are a carefully prepared experience addict or somebody hoping to have a go at something intriguing, E-O-D Adventure Park has everything. Don’t miss out on this fantastic outside objective that guarantees an experience that could only be described as epic.
  • Features:
    • Adventure Activities: E-O-D Mayur Vihar Adventure Park offers a wide range of thrilling adventure activities such as zip-lining, rock climbing, rope courses, paintball, bungee jumping, and more.
    • Water Sports: Visitors can enjoy water sports like kayaking, rafting, and jet skiing.
    • Camping: The park provides camping facilities for those who wish to stay overnight and experience the outdoors.
    • Team Building: E-O-D Mayur Vihar Adventure Park offers team-building activities and corporate training programs.
    • Food and Refreshments: There are on-site restaurants and food stalls that serve a variety of cuisines and refreshments.
    • Events and Parties: The park is available for organizing events, birthday parties, and other special occasions.
    • Safety Measures: The park ensures strict safety measures and provides trained staff and safety equipment for all activities.

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Mayur Vihar Adventure Park Ticket Price 2023

The E-O-D Mayur Vihar Adventure Park provides a variety of combo packages that combine multiple activities, allowing you to experience a thrilling adventure-packed day. Mayur Vihar Adventure Park Ticket Price have very Combos. Here are some of the ticket options available:

1. Adult Combos (Anyone Above 4 Feet height is eligible for these ticket)

Adult combos of E-O-D Adventure Park (Mayur Vihar Adventure Park Ticket Price) also have 2 categories

Weekdays Adventure Activities ( Mon – Fri ):

1. Explorer Combo @ Rs. 200/-
  • Activities:
    • Archery
    • Basketball
    • Rain Dance
    • Board Games
    • Tree Top Course
2. Conqueror Combo @ Rs. 300/-
  • Activities:
    • Archery
    • Basketball
    • Rain Dance
    • Board Game
    • Tree Top Course
    • Bowling (10 Shots)
3. Killer Combo @ Rs. 400/-
  • Activities:
    • Archery
    • Zip Line
    • Bull Ride
    • Zip Cycle
    • Laser Tag
    • Basketball
    • Rain Dance
    • Board Game
    • Body Zorbing
    • Tree Top Course
    • Bowling (10 Shots)

Weekends Adventure Activities ( Sat – Sun)-

1. Adventure Combo @ Rs. 200/-
  • Activities:
    • Archery
    • Rain Dance
    • Tree Top Course
2. Ultimate Combo @ Rs. 400/-
  • Activities:
    • Archery
    • Basketball
    • Rain Dance
    • Board Game
    • Tree Top Course
    • Bowling (10 Shots)
3. Supreme Combo @ Rs. 600/-
  • Activities:
    • Archery
    • Zip Line
    • Bull Ride
    • Zip Cycle
    • Laser Tag
    • Basketball
    • Rain Dance
    • Board Game
    • Body Zorbing
    • Tree Top Course
    • Bowling (10 Shots)

2. Kids Combos ( For Kids Below 4 Feet)

Full on Masti Combo @ Rs. 200/-
  • Activities:
    • Ball Pool
    • Rain Dance
    • Jungle House
    • Mini Tree Top
    • Kids Fun Zone
    • Bungee Trampoline

NOTE: All above activities available one time only .

3. Annual Pass ( Valid For One Year)

1. E-O-D Annual Pass @ Rs. 1500/-
  • Advantages:
    • The Best Pass For Regular Visitors
    • Enjoy unlimited visits throughout the year
    • All Activities Included IN EVERY VISIT!
    • 15% discount on Select Food Outlets
2. Kids Annual Pass @ Rs 750/-
  • Advantages:
    • Best Plan for kids below 4ft height.
    • Enjoy unlimited visits throughout the year

E-O-D Adventure Park Ticket Booking

  • Visit the official website of E-O-D Adventure Park/ Mayur Vihar Adventure Park.
  • Navigate to the “Book Tickets” or “Tickets” section of the website.
  • Select the date of your visit from the available options.
  • Choose the desired activities or combo packages you wish to experience during your visit. Refer to the website for details on available activities and combo packages.
  • Enter the number of tickets required for each activity or combo package.
  • Review your selections and check the total ticket price.
  • Fill in the required personal information, including your name, contact details, and any other necessary details as per the booking form.
  • Proceed to the payment page and choose your preferred payment method.
  • Complete the payment process by providing the required payment details.
  • After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation of your booking via email or SMS, which will serve as your e-ticket.

EOD Adventure Park Timings

Mayur Vihar Adventure Park is open 7 days a week.

MonthOpening TimeClosing Time
March 15 – November 1511:00 AM8:00 PM
November 16 – March 1410:00 AM8:00 PM

EOD Mayur Vihar Adventure Park Rides

There are 2 types of Rides/ adventure activities in EOD Adventure Park one is Thrilling Adventure and the other is Kids Adventure.

Thrilling Adventures for Adults and Teenagers-

  • Archery: Test your aim and precision with bow and arrows in a thrilling archery session. Hone your skills and hit the bullseye!
  • Zip Line: Experience the exhilaration of soaring through the air on a zip line. Enjoy breath taking views as you zip across the park, suspended from a high wire.
  • Bowling: Put your bowling skills to the test at the park’s bowling alley. Aim for a strike and enjoy a fun-filled game with friends or family.
  • Bull Ride: Get ready for a wild and exciting adventure as you mount a mechanical bull and try to hold on tight. See how long you can last!
  • Zip Cycle: Take cycling to new heights with a zip cycle. Pedal your way through an elevated course while enjoying the thrill of being suspended in the air.
  • Laser Tag: Engage in an action-packed game of laser tag. Compete against friends or other participants in an immersive and strategic laser battle.
  • Basketball: Show off your basketball skills on the park’s basketball court. Shoot hoops and enjoy a friendly game with your companions.
  • Rain Dance: Dance and splash around in the rain dance area. Groove to the music while water sprays create a fun and energetic atmosphere.
  • Board Game: Take a break from the adrenaline rush and enjoy a relaxing board game session with family or friends. Choose from a variety of classic board games.
  • Body Zorbing: Step into an inflatable body zorb and roll, bump, and bounce your way across the park. Experience the thrill of being inside a giant bubble.
  • Tree Top Course: Test your agility and balance in the tree top course. Navigate through a series of challenging obstacles suspended among the treetops.

Kids Adventure-

  • Jungle House: A themed area in E-O-D Mayur Vihar Adventure Park that offers an immersive experience with a jungle ambiance, including lush foliage, animal-themed decor, and adventurous activities.
  • Kids Fun Zone: A specially designed area within E-O-D Mayur Vihar Adventure Park dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for children, featuring a range of age-appropriate activities, games, and attractions.

EOD Adventure Park Photos/ Images

EOD Adventure Park Reviews

This place is full of adventure place in Delhi. Nearest metro station is Mayur Vihar Pink line. They have different varieties of packages available, choose wisely, no refunds no exchange available. They have limited food court, taste is just ok. Outside food not allowed. Tree top is most try option. Photogenic place. Crowded place. For More Review Visit the link.

Know Before You Go for EOD Adventure Park

  • Park timings are liable to change. If it’s not too much trouble, affirm the ongoing timings prior to booking your tickets or arranging your outing.
  • Passage into exercises are confined according to weight/age and level standard. Visitors are mentioned to affirm something very similar from the ticket counter and additionally phone helpline.
  • Right now weight limitations apply on Zipline (max 100kgs) and Zip cycle (max 75kgs).
  • Section in to the recreation area is dependent upon limitations and reservations and in the event of any uncertainty it will be the sole choice of the administration to permit or refuse any visitors.
  • Visitors should buy any 1 movement to enter the Recreation area. This helps us in keeping a controlled number of visitors in the Recreation area.
  • Photography/Videography isn’t permitted utilizing DSLRs and other expert hardware. Nonetheless, same can be utilized for a little charge payable at ticket counter.
  • The Recreation area is a family Park and puts utilization of any psyche changing substances down like liquor, cigarettes or some other medications. Any visitors found impaired will on the choice of the administration be taken out from the recreation area/drop the tickets or potentially deny section into the recreation area without discount.
  • Tickets are non-refundable. If there should be an occurrence of any issues or demands you are mentioned to reach us at
  • Stopping at the recreation area is at proprietor’s gamble. Park the board or staff or different visitors are not answerable for any harm/gouge/scratch or accordingly.
  • Stopping at the Recreation area is For nothing for comfort of visitors.
  • Compassionately note, the recreation area will make all game plans to keep movements of every kind functional consistently, still because of the idea of such exercises the visitors/guests comprehend that any action whenever may become non functional or perhaps shut down because of upkeep/wellbeing issues and in such cases the visitors are not qualified for a discount or trade.
  • Everybody visiting the recreation area concur that their image perhaps clicked and utilized by the administration and its partners on advertising/special material or some other way as considered by the Recreation area and its leaders. Assuming you have an issue with your picture being utilized on the recreation area’s true channels and other material you can illuminate us at with the reference/connection of the picture to be eliminated and the equivalent might be taken out upon confirmation.
  • The Recreation area being a recreational area, acknowledges no responsibilities regarding the deficiency of individual possessions of guests. The guests are mentioned to keep their own and significant assets with them consistently under their own watch and care.
  • The above agreements are dependent on future developments and update according to most recent regulations and inner approaches of the Recreation area.
  • Due to rain, all activities are affected.

EOD Adventure Park Tickets Refund Policies

  1. EOD Mayur Vihar Adventure Park does not offer any refunds for purchased tickets.
  2. Tickets/bands are valid for the date of purchase only, any guests found tampering with the bands may be escorted out of the premises immediately.
  3. At any given time, if the guest is not able to finish all the activities due to any reason, personal or otherwise, tickets can be extended on the discretion of the management of e-o-d Mayur Vihar Adventure Park.
  4. If a customer has bought Membership/Annual Pass from the website or physically, the membership is not transferable and non cancellable. No redundancy/adjustments will be made in lieu of the same. For more details check the terms and conditions of the park as well as of each membership carefully before buying.
  5. In case of any natural calamities/thunderstorm or any other safety reason the Park and/or its management reserves the right to close any activity in the larger interest of public safety without giving prior reason or compensation in lieu of.

Places Nearby Mayur Vihar Adventure Park

  • Akshardham Temple – 4 kilometres
  • Yamuna Sports Complex – 3 kilometers
  • Commonwealth Games Village – 5 kilometers
  • Sanjay Lake – 2 kilometers
  • Noida Sector 18 Market – 6 kilometers
  • India Gate – 10 kilometers
  • Humayun’s Tomb – 8 kilometers
  • Old Fort (Purana Qila) – 7 kilometers
  • Lotus Temple – 9 kilometers
  • National Zoological Park – 11 kilometers

How to Reach EOD Adventure Park

By Car:

  • Set your destination to EOD Mayur Vihar Adventure Park using a navigation app or GPS device.
  • The park is located [mention the specific address here].
  • Follow the recommended route based on the traffic conditions and road directions.

By Public Transportation:

  • Mayur Vihar Phase 1, Pocket 5 bus stand is only a few steps away from the Adventure Park entrance.
  • Take a metro or bus to the nearest metro or bus station to EOD Mayur Vihar Adventure Park.
  • From there, you can hire a taxi or an auto-rickshaw to reach the Adventure Park.
  • Alternatively, you can use a ride-sharing service or book a cab to directly reach the Mayur Vihar Adventure Park.


In conclusion, E-O-D Mayur Vihar Adventure Park offers an exhilarating and activity pressed insight for experience fans, all things considered. With various energizing exercises and attractions, the recreation area ensures a day loaded up with fun and Adventure.

Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush or a thrilling day with loved ones, EOD Mayur Vihar Adventure Park is the best objective. Along these lines, gear up, release your courageous soul, and make extraordinary recollections at EOD Mayur Vihar Adventure Park.

Do we have to carry extra clothes for Rain Dance Or are clothes provided ?

Yes, please carry a pair of extra clothes for Rain Dance. Currently, we don’t have a facility for clothes rental or purchase.

Do you have locker facility for storing valuables ?

Yes, we do have a locker facility at EOD Mayur Vihar Adventure Park but every individual is responsible for the safety of their own belongings.

Is Mayur Vihar Adventure Park any weight limit for activities ?

Yes, there is a weight limit on some activities.
Zip Cycle – 75 kg
Zip Line – 100 kg

The minimum weight for the said activities is 30 kgs. For exact details on the terms and conditions of the park kindly follow the link below:

Can we click photos inside Eod Adventure Park or do photo-shoots ?

Yes, you can. 
However extra charges will be applicable for the use of Professional cameras like DSLRs.

What is the nearest Bus Stop to EOD adventure park ?

Mayur Vihar Phase 1, Pocket 5 bus stand is only a few steps away from the park entrance.

What is the fees of EOD adventure park?

Adult Combo (Whose Height is more than 4 feet)-Adventurer Combo @ Rs 200
Ultimate Combo @ Rs 400
Supreme Combo @ Rs 600
Kids Combo ( Kids Below 4 Feet)-Full on Masti @ Rs 150
Annual Pass-E-O-D Annual pass @ Rs 1500
Kids Annual Pass @ Rs 750

Which metro station is near to EOD Mayur Vihar Adventure park?

The Nearest metro station is Mayur Vihar Phase 1  (Blue and Pink Line) or Trilokpuri – Sanjay Lake (Pink line). 
Both are around 1.5 km away and easily accessible via e-rickshaws.

Can we do events such as birthday, corporate, school picnic inside the park ?

Yes, we have custom packages according to the number of people, dates and budget. Kindly give us some information regarding your event and budget and we’ll arrange a call from our dedicated team.

Can we bring our pets in EOD Adventure Park And what are the charges?

Yes, EOD Mayur Vihar Adventure Park is a pet-friendly park and we don’t levy any charges but we do ask our fellow pet parents to exercise caution and have their pets on leashes at all times.

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